Hot Tips For Summer Fitness and Body and Life balance

Hot Tips For Summer Fitness copySummer time has well and truly arrived in Farnham and with the rising temperatures comes a rise in warnings about how to stay safe in the sun especially during a workout and relaxing.

My name is Hannah Epps and I am a local health and fitness expert from Farnham Pilates. Many will be inspired to get outdoors to get in the best shape possible for the holiday season for example to keep cool I will be running am outdoor Pilates class tonight!

The summer opens up a host of potential outdoor activities like bootcamp, outdoor yoga, pilates, hula hooping, swimming, tennis, running, or walking that seem much more appealing now than in cold winter weather.  But how can you maximise your workouts so you can enjoy the heat without wilting away in the hot summer sun?

The motivation to get out and do something is far greater than when it’s freezing and miserable outside. But there are potential pitfalls you can fall into, so here’s my advice on how to prepare yourself and get the best out of your summer workouts

1) Drink lots of fluid hot weather and sunshine causes the body to sweat more and this will increase during even mild exercise like walking, so make sure you replace the fluids you are losing or you will run the risk of dehydration. Try to drink a pint of water about an hour before working out and also rehydrate after your workout

2) Don’t eat protein before working out it can increase your core temperature and could cause heat shock. You are much better off reloading on protein after you’re done.

3) Lower your core temperature before working by drinking ice based drinks around an hour before exercise or having an ice cold bath or shower.

4) Don’t workout between 12 and 4 – The midday sun is obviously when temperatures and UV exposure are at their highest points so try to avoid this time of the day to work out in.”

5) If you work from home try and sit out or walk and exercise within nature, a lovely view can be really motivating. Do something or discover something you really enjoy – exercising releasing endorphins that can really make you happy!

6) And finally, don’t forget sunscreen. Protecting yourself against sunburn, sun-stroke and harmful UV rays is really important and people often neglect the most basic protection which is sunscreen. Even when it is cloudy overhead UV rays can still be damaging to your health so don’t underestimate the power of the sun.

Even a 5-10 minutes stretch, yoga or meditation can really lift your mood and be very good for your soul!

So do enjoy this lovely weather and continue your fitness development safely.

Hannah Epps is building her own pilates studio and a great outdoor space to work out in so If you would like more details about Farnham Pilates classes or one to one assessment feel free to get in touch.

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