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Lets rid you of your back pain – Sign up to our Back Care Pilates Classes in Rowledge, Farnham or 6 weeks online course.
-Do you live with back pain at work or while you do other forms of exercise?
-Are you a parent who finds all the lifting and day to day jobs have taken their toll on your back?
-Are you recovering from an injury?
If this sounds like you then our back care course could be just the thing to get you back on the road to a pain free existence. Stretches and exercises could relieve your pain and make you stronger and healthier to stop back pain occurring in the future.
Sign up to a Pilates Beginners class on the classes page
We have a 6 week online BackCare Course for just £29.  If you sign up for this you will receive:-
– posture improvement checklist and advice
– 6 weeks of weekly videos
– exercises links and information
– access to Facebook group to ask questions and advice.
Online 6 weeks course – SIGN UP HERE
Rowledge Pilates Classes – 
We also run a number of classes specific to back care in Rowledge, Farnham at the following times.  
Monday 7.30pm
Tuesday 10.45am
Visit our classes page for full details of our timetable.
Each session takes exercises slowly to increase strength, mobilise and stretch muscles, checking your imbalances and correcting bad habits! Watch this video to see exactly how our back care courses work.

Small Group Classes
Our back care classes in Farnham are all small group sessions and places are strictly limited so book your space today by emailing
If you have chronic back pain it is important to have a diagnosis from a physician or health care professional. Farnham Pilates works closely with local therapists so that we know what you shouldn’t do. 50% of adults experience back pain at some time in their lives (at any given time, 25% of adults have acute or chronic back pain). Movement training is a sensible way to manage pain and non-weight-bearing exercises like Pilates can be done even by those struggling with pain.
Back care classes in FarnhamThe course will include:
  • A brief posture assessment – find out where exactly your back pain is and why, assess what you should or shouldn’t do.
  • Information about how Pilates and osteopathy could help you.
  • A full Pilates class that will include give you guidance and direction on specific exercises and stretches for you to do.
Does this sound like something you could get real benefit from?
Contact me today to book your space –  In the mean time this video of a simple stretch could help.
And you can find more simple back stretch exercises by clicking here
Testimonials from previous Back Care Course attendees
I would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone with a back problem as Hannah pays attention to individual issues while emphasising the importance of core stability and strong pelvic floor muscles for all. There is plenty of variety of exercise in the classes as well as the ones to do on a daily basis at home. They really do work and  focus attention on correct posture. I now find myself repeating the mantras: ‘ Shoulders back and down, squeeze the pelvic floor, breathe wide and deep!’ I shall definitely book another course to ensure I am continuing to do the exercises properlyJC, Farnham
Thanks to Hannah and her back Pilates seasons I am learning how to walk with the correct posture after many years of bad learned habits. She has pinpointed what I need to work on to create an overall body workout, I seriously recommend this course to anyone who has back problems as if not necessarily a cure, you will definitely learn how to assess what areas you need to target and how to strengthen the weaknesses to cope with back pain.” D Harris, Farnham
After a back operation in April 2014, my surgeon suggested that I take up Pilates to speed up the recovery process and also to help prevent injuries in the future. The sessions with Hannah made a real difference to the mobility and strength of my back and were surprisingly good fun. She provided me with exercises to do between sessions which didn’t take too long and helped keep up the progress. After five sessions I started having physio and my therapist was surprised at how little extra work she needed to do which she attributed to the Pilates. I shall certainly keep up Pilates in future and the sessions I had showed me that it’s not just something that can benefit women. I would highly recommend Hannah to anybody in a similar position to meR C of Farnham
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