Back Care Course

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Sign up to our online 6 weeks Back Care Pilates Classes

Do you live with back pain at work or while you do other forms of exercise?

Are you a parent who finds all the lifting and day to day jobs have taken their toll on your back?Are you working from home and have back and shoulder pain? Are you recovering from an injury? 50% of adults experience back pain at some time in their lives (at any given time, 25% of adults have acute or chronic back pain). Movement training is a sensible way to manage pain and non-weight-bearing exercises like Pilates can be done even by those struggling with pain.

If this sounds like you then our back care course could be just the thing to get you back on the road to be pain free. This course takes you through the basics of pilates and shows you the right breathing, how to engage your core and what exercises will help you. The exercises will slowly increase your strength, mobilise and stretch your muscles, checking your imbalances and correcting bad habits! Watch this video to see exactly how our back care courses work. The exercises will make you stronger and healthier to stop back pain occurring in the future.

Please note – If you have chronic back pain it is important to have a diagnosis from a physician or health care professional. Farnham Pilates works closely with local therapists so that we know what you shouldn’t do and develop a full plan for the client.

For only £29 you will receive:-

– posture improvement checklist and advice

– 10 mins health and fitness phone consultation

– 6 weeks of weekly videos

– exercises links and information

– nutrition advice to help reduce inflammation that can cause pain

– access to private Facebook group to ask questions and advice.

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Try some simple back stretch exercises by clicking here

Online 6 weeks course – sign up below

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