Pilates has gained in popularity as it is a holistic approach to your wellbeing. Medical professionals such as Physiotherapists and osteopaths refer their clients to Pilates teachers. We currently work closely with:

Osteopath Amy Collins of Oak Park Clinic, Farnham Therapies. Amy refers clients to Farnham Pilates because – “I know changes I make to improve patients flexibility and movement with osteopathy can be maintained by pilates, enabling the person to be in control of their own recovery and reduce the number of treatments they may need. I can rely on Hannah and her team to keep track of my patients and adapt to their exact needs whether it’s recovering from a specific injury, those that want to improve their posture or just want to feel healthier and stronger.   ”  For more information visit:

Chartered Physiotherapist Jane Ireland.  She recommends our classes to her patients because: “I really like Hannah’s classes as she combines exercises to strengthen the body with spinal mobility exercises. The spine needs to move well to be pain free. Hannah and I often work together to help guide patients with specific injuries or concerns.” For further information on Jane, visit her web site:


Jacquie Mayes Nutritionist in Crondall:


Sarah Paton, Acupuncture: 07910347575