1:1 Personal Training Pilates

If you prefer privacy, want to work on specific areas or have a particular injury you would like to address, why not try one-of-our one to one Pilates classes in Farnham.  It’s also worth considering if you are not comfortable in a group class.

Our Pilates Studio in Rowledge is a dedicated Pilates and wellbeing studio; we offer one-to-one Pilates classes in a pleasant, private location. Sessions include the mat, Pilates reformer, vibration plate and weights, so you are well equipped to get the very best from your session.

We tailor sessions to your specific needs;  whether you are recovering from an injury, wanting to improve your strength or flexibility or simply prefer one-to-one attention, you will find a one-to-one session really helps with your motivation and technique, because the expert is right in front of you, guiding you through all of the movements designed for you.

Please contact us to arrange a convenient time.

Private Pilates classes in Rowledge Garden Studio –

Pilates 1:1 Prices

£65 for movement and posture assessment, 

£48 for class, including follow up notes of exercises and video. Booking discount £240 for 5. £35 for 45mins in your lunch break. 

£60 create your own class with friends or family or your partner on Zoom or at home (up to 4 people) to split the cost. Small group class highly effective as achieves results fast.  

Testimonials from our one to one classes …

I’m so happy with my one to one sessions with Hannah. I was nervous and very self-conscious beforehand but the Hannah is so relaxed and put me at ease.

Gordon Jacobs, Farnham

I’ve been doing Pilates with Hannah for a few months now. I’d found that running had started to make me stiff and I needed to stretch properly beforehand. Since doing Pilates I feel suppler, know how to stretch properly and find that running is much easier. Hannah has also helped with my posture; I work at home sat at a desk all day and she helped me find the right way to sit and exercises to do to keep comfortable. Hannah really knows her stuff – she is an expert on back issues and also has extensive knowledge of women’s health; she keeps her knowledge up to date and drops little nuggets of wisdom into every class. Her sessions are very professional and welcoming – I feel relaxed and properly looked after. Hannah is particularly good at giving you options for exercises that take any injuries or conditions into account. If you think you might have to give up some sport or activity as you get into your 40s or 50s, give Pilates a go – it helps you to stay active longer.

Helen Mortimer, Rowledge

Having now had my 4th one to one session with Hannah in her new purpose built studio I have no doubt that for me this is the most effective option. Everybody is different and for me, I have been impressed with Hannah’s ability to home into the issues that require to be addressed. Already I am aware that my movements and carriage are greatly improved, something that could not be achieved so readily in a class.

Peter Hillier, Farnham

Hannah the session was absolutely fantastic. You have really helped me to home in on my personal issues – I can’t wait to try to put it all into practice. I’ll definitely let you know how I’m progressing in a few weeks.  Your knowledge is amazing.  Thank you so much.

Nicola Muswell, London