Happy February everyone! Hints of spring in the air, and I’m surrounding myself with cheerful daffodils to lift my spirits. I’m very pleased to announce that this month we’re launching our series, ROLL OUT OF BED WITH PILATES.

During February, we bring you daily, short, FREE Pilates exercises to help you get your mojo back. Each week we’ll focus on a different body part, which will be the central theme of our sessions.

This week our focus has been lower back. Next week: Abdominals, arms and weight-bearing!

These FREE 15 minute sessions take place at 8.30 AM/ or 8AM (details on the FB page) each week day morning. Can’t make it at live?  No problem! Each class is recorded, so you can scroll back to find the class at a time that suits you.

Clients love these sessions – if you work or have the challenges of homeschooling ahead of you – take just 15 minutes each day to STRETCH and STRENGTHEN and hit the ground running every day.

If you would rather a longer session in the morning, why not try our membership? For only £9.99 per month, you get a daily 30 minute Pilates session and all the benefits of Pilates Community Silver membership. For more details click HERE.

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Abdominals, arms and weight-bearing exercises.

1. The Pilates Push up  – This involves arm, core strength and stability it is a great exercise to increase bone density that helps prevents osteoporosis. Starting in a standing position, inhale and reach your arms over your head; breathe out and roll down towards the mat letting your head drop and relax; pull your abs in and curl your spine until your hands reach the mat. Now breathe in and walk your hands out so you are in a plank position. Move your shoulders away from your ears, then breathe out – Hold in the plank position with legs and arms straight and your body as one long line. Rotate your arms so the inside of your elbows face forward (as this helps stabilise your shoulders). Inhale and bend the elbows keeping the elbow tucked in. Lower yourself to the mat (do drop to your knees if you need), exhale, keeping your abs lifted and then straighten the arms (imagine inner thighs together and sit bones pulling forward to help engage core). Walk the hands back to feet and roll up. repeat 4 times. 

A note about weight-bearing exercise and osteoporosis.
Weight-bearing activities involve exercise on your feet or hands with your bones supporting your weight. Examples include walking, dancing, low-impact aerobics, elliptical training machines, stair climbing, hand stands press ups and gardening. Activities that put stress on bones stimulate extra deposits of calcium and nudge bone-forming cells into action. The tugging and pushing on bone that occur during strength and power training provide the stress. The result is stronger, denser bones – therefore they are less likely to break!

Why not give our short Pilates sessions a try – they’re only free for a limited time!

Until next week, squeeze and breathe,

Love Hannah x