10 weeks ago I had an email request for volunteers for a Phyllis Tuckwell dancing event. I answered the email as I thought we’d be interviewed and auditioned, but no, suddenly we were in and our first rehearsal was on Sunday! Now I had to admit to my husband now what I’d got us in to. My husband has never really danced apart from when he’s a bit tipsy at weddings, but he said he’d do it for charity and if I really really wanted to do it! As I used to dance and do ballet and perform with my dance school I was overjoyed – I missed it.
Pilates and Dance

A moment to cherish! – with Strictly professionals Janette and Alijaz

Unfortunately we couldn’t make the 1st week or second because of prior commitments, so when we made it we were really behind. I didn’t tell anyone but I had fallen and I had a really bad back from an old hip injury caused by a car accident 10 years ago. So I went with a back support (hidden under clothes). My other half had knee pain but we got in with it.


Each week we got to know the other dancers but were always late as both self employed and 2 young kids with parties, Sunday swimming etc – you know how it is. Even though I had done modern dance and ballet with we just couldn’t remember the steps –  it was so disappointing and we were beginning to panic! But luckily another hall was organised for extra practice on Thursdays and we could walk through and ask each other for help.


Due to the back and hip pain I stopped running so I wasn’t putting pressure on my back and joints and walked instead. I doubled the Pilates strengthening flexibility moves so was getting stronger with Pilates in my core muscles and balance for the leg kicks. I was also stretching all the time, especially after each dance and Pilates class. Bit by bit my back and hips were easing and getting loser, increasing flexiblility meant less pain in my bottom and lower back – I could move in my sleep without crying!


Last week I accepted the performance was last Friday so started telling my clients.  I have been raising money through family and friends and had 26 coming to watch.  I’m so grateful for all the support and had to admit I started getting excited especially when we realised we raised nearly £2000. The excitement built with nails, hair trial, last practice then drinks, we bonded with the other couples in our joint nervousness! Then friday performance night came and I was so excited and nervous, but my husband was relaxed! We performed to a clapping standing ovation! What an amazing thrill! The adrenaline was going round my body so I was nearly sick. In the performance I had to try to stop giggling with nerves especially the serious paso doble. The little mistakes didn’t matter but immediately after we wanted to do it all again – what a lot of work for 6 minutes!!!

Pilates and Dance

Me and my amazing hubby!

I’m so proud of my non-dancing totally supportive husband who just wanted to do it as he thought I’d love it, and I did but he worked so hard. We became firm friends with the others and want to start a dance class and have drinks and practices together with the lovely Angie of Angela’s School of Dance. I really can’t believe it’s over !


If you get get the chance do it the teachers at Angela’s School of Dance and Stephanie Bower are amazing, supportive and helpful. Go for it, it’s scary but it’s good for you, it helps you stay mobile and flexible and is a great fit with Pilates and apart from a bit of stretching after the splits in our final freestyle I feel pretty amazing!!! 20 all over again!
Pilates and Dance

Our fellow dancers

If you practice a sport or dance and feel Pilates could benefit your performance with added strength and flexibility do take a look at our Pilates classes or get in touch – hannah@farnhampilates.co.uk