So, we may all feel like we’re pros at this lockdown malarkey, but with Winter around the corner, anxiety and worries about any number of things, this lockdown you need to take time to look after yourself this time around.

We at Pilates Community are here to help! We have a new teacher joining us who will be teaching yoga for relaxation every Friday morning. On Monday, our 10 day destress and be more mindful course starts. You can read more about it and join HERE

If you’re back at your kitchen table, hunched over your laptop, sitting in an unsuitable chair, I expect you’re feeling pretty achy! We run a FREE FB group which offers stretches suitable to do at your desk and to keep neck, back and shoulder aches at bay. Why not check it out! Click HERE to join.

Why is now a good time to sign up to Pilates Community online?

Live classes, which include various levels of Pilates, yoga and stretches, are recorded so if the live time doesn’t work for you, the recording helps you to fit the class in to your own schedule.

In addition, you’ll be in the comfort, privacy, and safety of your own home. You space, your time to boost those all important feel good hormones.

What are you waiting for? Check us out HERE. Still only £9.99 per month!

Until next time, squeeze and breathe,

Love Hannah x