Be kind to yourself! Christmas present ideas, massage and Pilates 1:1s

I’ve had a really tough couple of weeks.  I know times are tricky for everyone in some way or another. I think some of you already know, my step-dad passed away a couple of weeks’ ago. Coupled with the frustrations and anxieties over the current situation, I am sure it’s not only me that feels now is a time we really need to be kind to ourselves.

Our range of teachers will keep you inspired and bring variation during your week. Remember that seeing others, either in person or through “the screen” on a Zoom or Facebook Live session, can be just the tonic you need, and in addition you can ensure you stay fit and active! We have a range of teachers now, so you can see more about them here: Teachers Page of the website. I am also pleased to let you know that I have 3 spaces available in the studio for my Tuesday class, so do let me know if you’d rather do you class “in person” and I can book you in.  The Zoom and Facebook timetable for December is below: 


One thing that is sure to pick you up is a massage!! I’m loving my Swedish massage course, and am offering you a FREE MASSAGE SESSIONS on Friday 11th December. 

Benefits of Massage: Do you get back, neck or muscular pain? Or are you feeling stressed? Just 1 hour of deep tissue massage will leave you feeling totally relaxed, lengthened and even revived. Storing tension in our bodies takes up a lot of energy, and can cause physical discomfort or pain. A deep tissue massage is the perfect remedy to help resolve muscular tension, and gain a sense of well-being so treat yourself this Xmas and take up this wonderful offer today. Click HERE to book onto a FREE session.

Rest assured that safety and cleanliness will be my priority.  I have passed my COVID safety exam with flying colours and will do my utmost to keep you safe.

SWEDISH MASSAGE sessions available to book now! Book several to SAVE £££s

How about the gift of relaxation? You can buy yourself, or a loved one, a massage session for the new year. From Monday 11th January 2021, you can book massage sessions as follows: 

Appointment Times
Mon-Thurs and Saturdays 10.30 – 3pm  
Tuesdays and Wednesdays 6-9pm ‬

Usual Price £45,  but this December only you can buy a block of 4 for only £140 (that’s only £35 for each session) or 1 for only £40!
CONTACT HANNAH to book a session or to discuss it further


If, like most of us, your Pilates sessions have been virtual for the past weeks and months, now might be a good time to consider booking a 1:1 class, giving you the benefit of expert, hands on advice. I am available for 1:1 Pilates sessions.  Current clients can BOOK NOW and pay only £35 (normal session price is £45). CONTACT ME if you’d like to book a session. It will be COVID safe and we can discuss this on the phone beforehand for your peace of mind if you wish. For more about our 1:1 sessions, see HERE

Naturally, the safety of my clients it the priority. If you wish to discuss the COVID safety procedure that will be followed, please do contact me.


With the Christmas break just around the corner, the last day of lessons is Friday 18th December. There will be a break from live lessons, until Monday 11th January. Naturally, both Zoom members and Facebook members will still have access to a library of online Pilates lessons in the members only section of our sister website, Pilates Community

Monday 11th January – Friday 12th February (5 weeks)
Monday 15th February – Friday 19th February HALF TERM
Monday 22nd February to Friday 26th March (5 weeks)

Those of you who are paying termly, next term’s fees will be due soon. 
PAY NOW and pay £145 instead of £150 for 10 classes. Pay as usual by BACS (make sure you let me know you’ve done this, by texting or emailing me) or CLICK  HERE to pay by PAYPAL

Still looking for present inspiration?

What better way to tell someone you love them, or to treat yourself, than by investing in some Pilates classes?  Our DEAL IS STILL ONLY £40 for a month of Zoom classes, which comes with full access and membership of our Pilates Community (where you’ll also have Facebook Live classes and all the videos on the members only area of the site).  SEE BELOW to sign up. Or contact me to discuss any other vouchers you may like. Remember to drop a hint to that special person in your life!! 

Why might this be a good time to sign up for Pilates Community membership? 

Time poorr? Stuck at working at home? Nervous to head back into the gym quite yet? Live classes, which include various levels of Pilates, yoga and stretches, are recorded, so if the live time doesn’t work for you, the recording helps you to fit the class into your own schedule.
In addition, you’ll be in the comfort of your own home. YOUR space, YOUR time to boost those all important feel good hormones. 
Sign up HERE, only £9.99! 

Squeeze and breathe,

Hannah x

Autumn has arrived! Hydration and bones.

AUTUMN HAS ARRIVED! Hydration and bones

How is everyone doing?  I don’t know about you, but I am feeling windswept and damp! It feels like Autumn has well and truly arrived, and so I am taking time to look after myself. In today’s blog, our featured therapist is osteopath Fleur Robertson.  And why keeping good hydration is great for your bones.

The first thing I am doing, at the moment is staying away from alcohol – I am following the ‘stay sober for October’ mantra, choosing mocktails over cocktails and water over wine. It is not always easy, particularly as the nights draw in, but instead of seeing it at limiting myself, I am viewing this as an opportunity to improve my skin and bones with extra hydration. Not to mention improved sleep and energy levels.  Take a look at the mocktail recipe at the bottom of this blog.

Stay hydrated to improve your bones….

As your bones lose minerals and need to rebuild and strengthen, a lack of available calcium can lead to bone loss and eventually osteoporosis. Since water also helps rid the body of toxins, these substances can and do build up in the bones if there is not enough water to carry them away. So, keep a water bottle next to you, on your desk or somewhere you see regularly, and keep drinking water.  Around 8-10 glasses per day.  If you’re thirsty, you’re already dehydrated. So grab a drink now!

Fleur Robertson @ Coombe House clinic

Our featured therapist this week is osteopath Fleur Robertson, at Coombe House clinic in Farnham. Follow this link to the clinic: Coombe House Clinic

Fleur writes:

“Osteopathy is a holistic, hands-on and non-invasive therapy. It offers relief from pain and discomfort, alongside specifically tailored self-help advice and exercises for injuries of the body. From jaw pain to sporting shoulder complaints; from low back issues to disc injuries, Osteopathy can help you find reassurance and a path away from pain; getting you back to the things you love!

Osteopathy works really well in partnership with Pilates, because they both work towards bringing better balance and flexibility to the body. Pilates works at also actively strengthening the core.

Regular exercise is essential for a healthy body and Osteopathy can relieve pain, which is limiting movement; allowing for greater benefit and engagement when participating in Pilates. This helps strengthen postural musculature, benefiting the body and you in so many ways. Whether you’re working from home or running a marathon, if you’re in pain you don’t have to put up with it!”

FACEBOOK group: Pilates for Busy Women

Did you know that I have a Facebook group that offers regular FREE videos? It’s called Free Pilates for busy women working at their desk and you can join the group HERE. On the group you’ll find short and sweet exercises for neck shoulders and back.  Perfect for those of you working from home….

New classes!  New teachers!

You will by now have hopefully seen our new teachers, who joined us this month. They have enabled us to expand our offering of live classes and add a little variation. You can learn more about Vivianne and Monika,  by clicking here, on the Teachers Page of our website.

So the Zoom classes timetable now looks like this:

REMEMBER: Full Zoom membership is still only £45 per month! However, the price goes up to £49 in January.  So if you’re not already a Zoom member, take a look here  to see what benefits there are and to sign up via PayPal.  Don’t forget, to avoid trips to the gym, poor motivation and to ensure targeted, bespoke attention, I can offer 1:1 classes here at the Garden Studio in Farnham. See HERE for all the details.

If the Zoom membership isn’t for you, then of course there’s always the ever popular monthly membership option, still only £9.99 per month!! Click HERE to see what this level can offer you and to sign up. And monthly membership comes with Facebook Live classes, as outlined in the timetable above.

Now, to that mocktail recipe…. Autumn Spiced Mocktail


4 cups diet cranberry juice drink

1 orange, juiced

1/2 Granny Smith apple, cored and cut into slices

1 teaspoon whole cloves

1 cinnamon stick

1 piece fresh ginger cut the size of a penny that’s 1/4 inch thick

1 empty tea bag or cheese cloth

orange slices, rosemary sprigs and cinnamon stick for garnish (optional)


Place ginger, cinnamon stick, and cloves into tea bag and pull drawstring tight. You can also tie spices in cheese cloth if you do not have a tea bag.

I hope you enjoy your mocktail!

Until next time, squeeze and breathe!

Love Hannah x

Pilates keeps your bones strong

Welcome all, 
Here is your weekly post to get your body and mind motivated for the week ahead. Each week we’ll send out exercises and a healthy recipe for you to focus on and why. If you have any specific areas of your body that you would like exercises for please message me and I will try and include it in the next email ….see below for why you need to strengthen your bones.

Bone Density – why it matters and how Pilates can help

My friend fell over and broke her wrist last month so I’ve focussed on increasing bone density this month in the Pilates classes. Do you know if your bones in good shape?

Does bone density matter?

Bone density is the amount of bone mineral in bone tissue. Too little can mean you are more likely to suffer from broken bones – a condition called osteoporosis. The risk of this increases post menopause so it’s worth taking note early and looking after your bones. This can be done with a good diet and with weight bearing exercise.
If you are concerned about your bone density – perhaps you have had a post-menopause fracture or there is family history – ask your GP about a bone density scan. If you have thyroid problems, talk to your GP as some conditions can affect bone density.

What is osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis means ‘porous bones’ and those with the condition have low bone mass or brittle bones. This can lead to fractures, especially in the spine and hips. Osteopenia is a pre-cursor to osteoporosis. If there is any doubt about your bone health, you must inform your Pilates teacher who can modify your exercise programme for you. [or: let me know so that I can modify your exercise programme for you.]

What affects bone density?

The process of bone formation begins in the womb and continues until late adolescence – this is when it is crucial to have enough calcium and vitamin D in your diet. But what if your adolescence is a distant memory? Is it too late to look after your bones? There is not arguing that good nutrition in childhood contributes enormously to healthy bones, however there is plenty you can do to improve your bone health. 

Two quick exercises – 
Press up  – on your hands and knees and push down and up to strengthen your arms! Repeat 8 times, rest and repeat.

Swimming – on your hands and knees. Shoulders over your hands and hips over your knees, engage your core and lengthen you right hand and left leg away keeping your torso still. Repeat 6 times each side.

In my next blog, I talk about changes you can make to your diet to improve your bone health but see below for a great bone and skin strengthening receipt with bone broth!